CONSTITUTION: Article IX Membership Assessments


Section 1: Association dues shall be presented for approval at the annual general membership meeting. The dues approved shall apply when the dues are paid at the following annual general membership meeting for the next Association year beginning April 1st and ending March 31st.

Section 2: Association dues shall be used to promote the Association and its activities and are to remain part of the Association’s financial accounts.

Section 3: The due date to pay annual Association dues is April 1st of the current Association year for the following year beginning April 1st and ending March 31st. Failure to pay annual Association dues 30 days after the due date shall result in the assessment of a late fee as determined by the Executive Board. All privileges of membership shall be suspended for the following year until all arrears are paid in full.

Section 4: Life members are excluded from payment of Association dues.

Section 5: The Executive Board, upon receipt of written application may waive, suspend or reduce the Association dues of any member for the fiscal year for good reason.

(Revised March 1, 2014)