CONSTITUTION: Article V Elections


Section 1: The nominations for and election of the Executive Officers and Board shall take place at the annual meeting, every other year.

Section 2: A nominating committee shall be appointed by the President to select a slate of candidates for the Executive Board officers and other Executive Board members. Additional nominations for any Board opening may be proposed from the floor at the annual meeting by any active member with the support of one (1) other member. The nominee must express willingness to serve.

Section 3: Election of Executive Board members shall be by vote and the elected Board members shall assume their positions as of July 1 of the same year. Election of the Board shall be by simple majority of
the members present eligible to vote as defined herein. Should no candidate for an opening receive a majority, a run off between the top two candidates shall be held.

Section 4: Elections
a) The general membership shall elect the Association officers and other persons to serve on the Executive Board.
b) The length of service for one term shall be two years.
c) Elections shall be held during the annual general membership meeting of each year.
d) Each eligible member may vote for any number of candidates, but is limited to the number of positions up for election for the coming year. If two or more candidates are nominated for the same office, the vote shall be taken by written, secret ballot.
e) The candidates with the most votes shall be elected.
f) If there is a tie between any number of candidates, then those candidates shall be in a run off election until the tie is broken. After two attempts have failed to break the tie, a flip of the coin shall decide the outcome.
g) The Executive Board shall fill any vacancies for unexpired terms, except that of President.