By-Laws: Article II Membership


Section 1: Membership shall be of the following types as defined in Article III, Section 2 of the NHTOA Constitution:
a) Active: An active member is one who is properly registered with the NHTOA and who meets the membership requirements.
b) Life: Any active official who, having served the sport faithfully and well for a minimum of 25 years, may be selected for life membership by the association. A Life member shall retain all rights of active voting membership, shall not pay annual NHTOA dues, but, if they desire insurance, they shall be responsible for cost.
c) Inactive: Any member who does not want to officiate, but, wishes to maintain contact with the NHTOA may petition the Executive Board for inactive status for one year.

Section 2: Members will abide by general Sport Officiating policies of the NHIAA.

Reference NHIAA handbook By-Law Article IX Sports Officiating Section 4: A. thru J. and Section 5.

(Revised March 2, 2013)