By-Laws: Article VIII Committees


Section 1: In order to serve on any committee a member must be an active member as defined in Article II of these By-Laws.

Section 2: Assigning Committee:
a) The Assigning Committee shall create and carry out the assignment of all officials to outdoor meets. (Arbiter)
b) The committee shall consist of the Assignor who shall be chosen by a majority vote of the Executive Board, Supervisor of Officials, and the three Regional Members-At-Large.
c) All assignments of officials will be prepared by the Assignor with the advice and consent of the other Committee Members. (NHIAA mandates using Arbiter)

Section 3: Membership Committee:
a) The Membership Committee shall be responsible for recruiting candidates for membership in the NHTOA.
b) The Membership Committee shall consist of all members of the Executive Board or their designee.
c) Membership shall be awarded based on criteria set out in the NHTOA Constitution.

Section 4: Budget Committee:
a) The Budget Committee shall be responsible for assisting the Treasurer in developing and maintaining the Association’s financial health.
b) The Budget Committee shall consist of members of the Executive Board appointed by the President.

Section 5: Board of Conduct:
The Board of Conduct shall be as defined in Article VIII of the Constitution.

Section 6: Constitution and By-Laws Committee:
The Constitution and By-Laws Committee shall be appointed by the President.

Section 7: Training, Evaluation, and Certification Committee:
a) In accordance with NHIAA By-Laws, the Training, Evaluation, and Certification Committee shall organize clinics, train new members of the NHTOA, develop and conduct an evaluation process, and examine all officials annually to determine whether all criteria for certification has been met.
b) This Committee shall consist of the Supervisor of Officials, Rules Interpreter and Executive Board Members appointed by the President.