CONSTITUTION: Article IV Meetings


Section 1: Meetings, Clinics, and Interpretations
a) There shall be one annual business meeting and at least one association sponsored annual clinic each school year.
b) A rules interpretation session shall be held at both the annual business meeting and the association sponsored clinic(s) each school year.

Section 2: Meetings, Clinics and Notices
a) The annual business meeting of the Association shall be held in the month of March each year.
b) The association sponsored annual clinic(s) shall be held on a date or dates specified by the Executive Board each year.
c) Each member of the Association shall be given written notice of the place, date, and time of the annual meeting and the association sponsored annual clinic(s) at least one month in advance.
d) The Executive Board will audit the books and financial records of the Association prior to the annual meeting.

Section 3: All other meetings of the Association shall be called by and at the discretion of the President or a majority of the Executive Board by written notice with a minimum of two weeks prior notice whenever possible. This does not apply to committees.
a) Committee meetings shall be held upon notice to the President and Executive Board.
b) Committee meetings may be called by the President, Executive Board, or committee chairman.

Section 4: A quorum to transact any Association business at any annual or special meeting shall consist of one more than half of the Association members in good standing.

Section 5: Rules of order to conduct general Association meetings shall be presented to the membership by the President prior to the start of the meeting.

Section 6: The tentative Order of Business for the annual business meeting shall be:
a) Call to Order
b) President’s Report
c) Committee Reports
d) Correspondence
e) Approval of the Secretary’s Report
f) Approval of the Treasurer’s Report
g) Old Business
h) New Business
i) Rules Interpretation
j) Elections